Inter Club TT - Cudham QS/30 (Sydenham)

Start on Cudham Lane at entrance to Sports Ground car park just south of Blacksmiths Arms public house. Proceed south on Cudham Lane to junction with Main Road (by Scotts Lodge), turn left into Main Road. Proceed east on Main Road through Knockholt Village and onto Rushmore Hill. Proceed down Rushmore Hill to RAB at junction with Sevenoaks Road (A21). Take first exit and continue west along Sevenoaks Road (A21) to RAB. Take first exit onto Cudham Lane North. Proceed south on Cudham Lane North to finish at same place as start.

To see a map of this course click QS/30 Course Map.

Only 7Oaks Tri, GS Avanti and Sydenham Wheelers members can ride