Welcome to the 7Oaks Tri Club - Cycling Section

Glenda Goscomb
Cycle Rep

We are lucky to have great riding country around the Sevenoaks area. The club organises group rides so that members can train and ride together. If you are interested in joining a group ride for the first time. please contact the respective ride leader or Glenda Goscomb, Club Cycle Rep to check details and suitability. Rides are posted on the '7Oaks Tri Club Rides' Facebook page and are usually as follows:

Weekly Shirkers Ride - Friday Morning  9am

Meeting Point - Seal Recreation Ground

Distance/Duration 50k plus/Approx 2hrs:30 min but times and distances will vary with training needs of group.

Pace - to suit the group riding but riders should be capable of averaging a minimum speed of 14mph/22kph on hilly terrain

Post ride coffee - by agreement but default Malabar Riverhead

Contact - Kim Moss or Penny Bulley



Weekly Saturday Inter Ride – Saturday morning

Meeting Point – Café Nero Sevenoaks for pre ride coffee 7:45, or

Grand depart - Sevenoaks Post Office 8 am


Pace – usually 2 groups at 14/15mph and 16/17mph

Post ride coffee – Malabar Sevenoaks or Riverhead

Contact - Dave Lobley or Glenda Goscomb


Weekly Sunday Fast Ride – Sunday morning early! Summer 7am/Winter 7:30am

Meeting Point – 7Oaks PO

Distance/Duration: 2hrs in winter about 50-60km, 3hrs in spring/summer about 80-90km

Pace – as fast as the group can go! Around 23 to 30kmh depending on time of year and who is there

Post ride coffee – Yes – Malabar 7Oaks

Contact – Martin Brown


Pop up Intro Rides – dates and meet points will be sent out in the weekly newsletter and on the 7 Oaks Tri Club Rides FB page

Distance/Duration – 25miles/40k

Pace – easy, approx 12- 13mph sometimes with skills sessions/coaching

Post ride coffee – always and location depends on start/finish point

Contact – Glenda Goscomb or Dave Truman


Pop Up Rides – a series of rides eg day trips to France, endurance rides with coffee stops etc. Communicated via the weekly newsletter and Facebook page.

Contact – Glenda Goscomb

Time Trials

The Club is affiliated to Cycling Time Trials so anyone can enter any of the open events that are held regularly throughout the summer. We have a large number of members who take part in these events that are typically held early on a Sunday morning or Saturday afternoon. Time Trials are a great way of improving your cycling speed and skills 

We also hold our own inter club club TT programme in the summer (under CTT Rules) in conjunction with Sydenham Wheelers and GS Avanti. These normally take place on a Thursday evening although there are a few on Saturday mornings and afternoons as well. There are about twenty local events over mainly 10 miles although also included are a couple of hilly 21 milers and a 15 mile event. These are advertised on the club website and if you want to know more contact Dave Truman. In addition to riding in these races, we organise some of the fixtures each season and have to provide marshals for these so ask for volunteers. If you race, please also give up some time to marshal as well.

Please note that only members of 7Oaks Tri, Sydenham Wheelers and GS Avanti are eligible to ride in the inter club events.

We are also affiliated to KCA, ECCA and ESCA.

Turbo sessions usually take place every week on a Thursday evening during the winter months, November to March

E-mail me at cyclerep@7oakstriclub.co.uk

Cycle Etiquette

When we ride as a group, for the safety and enjoyment of all riders, other road users and the reputation of the Club, we ask all riders to follow our Club Cycling Etiquette. Ride leaders for each ride will provide guidance on this where necessary.

Rules of the Road

  1. Always follow the Highway Code.
  2. Never react to car drivers being aggressive/shouting etc
  3. Don’t wave cars through
  4. No jumping red lights EVER
  5. No helmet, no ride
  6. Rear light recommended – often weather/visibility can deteriorateGroup Riding Expectations
  7. A ride leader will plan and lead each ride. The ride leader will pre communicate the route on the 7 Oaks Rides FB Page, pre brief the group at the start of the ride, control the pace and direct the group on the road.
  8. Ride groups should never exceed 12 people. If more turn up then the ride will split.
  9. We ride tightly in pairs unless it is unsafe to do so. Single track lanes = single file.
  10. Riding off the front of the group is not acceptable except on a declared ‘max effort’ segment – if you prefer to ride alone, go alone.
  11. When it’s necessary to go from pairs to single file, the inside rider of a pair rides forward and the outside rider drops back into the space behind.
  12. No half wheeling!
  13. You should be no more than a bike length behind the rider in front of you and preferably a wheel width or less.
  14. Respect the ride leader or be prepared to buy everyone coffee, cake and clean the group’s bikes.
  15. Warn each other of hazards – potholes, debris, car up/back, slowing, stopping etc. Pass commands up and down the line.
  16. If someone punctures/suffers a mechanical, the whole group stop to assist. If for some reason this does not make sense e.g. extreme cold, can’t be fixed etc – the ride leader makes a call and may send the group on.


Come to a Group Ride with……..

  1. A well maintained road bike. If you must ride your TT bike or have TT bars attached, you cannot use these whilst on a group ride.
  2. Spare tubes, pump, CO2, multi tool etc – be self sufficient if you puncture or have a minor mechanical.
  3. A mobile phone, some cash and your ICE information. Ideally your ICE information will be on a Road ID bracelet or a card so your mates can locate it quickly.
  4. Enough food and drink for the ride duration.
  5. Club kit whenever possible please. It helps us bond as a team and gives us a sense of identity. If we get the group riding right it gives us a strong local presence too!
  6. The downloaded route if possible. Helpful if the group has to split. 



2017 club cycling Time Trial competition final standings

The women's competition couldn't have been closer. Susan Freeburn's winning ride in the 4 up at Brands put her level with Val Place on 58. The tie breaker is the number of times the rider has scored points for 7OaksTri. Val has 4 more scoring rides this year so is the winner. With Susan second and Claire Edwards 3rd on 55.

Neil Harris won the mens competition scoring a perfect 60 from 7 rides. Sam Begg was second with 58. He also had perfect scores. Except for the occasions when Neil showed up! Chris Hansen was 3rd on 57 points.

Q10/19 A21 Tonbridge 10m TT 02-Sep-2017 results

Neil Harris, Chris Hansen and Martin Brown took the podium for the men.

Susan Freeburn, Val Place and Gillian Sanders took the podium for the women.

Neil had the fastest ride of the day with a 19:52.

Val had a significant PB - first time under 25:00 on a 10 mile.

With 5 out of the top 10 7OaksTri has extended its lead in the Inter Club Competition to 23. GS Avanti always bring a lot of teams to Brands, so it could still be rather tight.

Q10/18 Polhill Time Trial 17-Aug-2017 results

Polhill 17/8 Results
 This was an extra TT as a previous race had to be cancelled. Susan Freeburn was the fastest woman overall. Andrew Evans was 3rd, the fastest 7OaksTri rider a little ahead of Stephen Searby 6th, who thankfully avoided throwing himself at the scenery.
 GS Avanti had a good turn out and will have narrowed 7OaksTri's lead in the inter club competition. It looks very likely that all will be decided in the Brands Hatch Team Time Trial on 16/9.

Inter Club Time Trials Call for marshals.

As usual we are organising 7 events this year and we need marshals. The first three are on 13 May at Grain (5 marshals), 25 May East Peckham (3 marshals), 22 June (5 marshals). You will remember that a condition of taking part in these events is that you will marshal one (or more). 3 people have already come forward. Please could the rest of you let me know when you want to help? Please e-mail me at club coach@7oakstriclub.co.uk. Thanks.

April Fools Inter Club TT

2017 Inter Club Time Trial Series

The first event in the Inter Club Time Trial Series will be held on Saturday 1st April on the Sundridge Course starting at 9.00am. The details are in the club diary and in the “Upcoming Events” section on the Home page.


Kentish Killer 2017

There were about 15 or so 7oaks tri members including unofficial riders at the start of this year's KK. A damp start made some of the early descents a bit dicey but generally conditions were relatively mild. This did not make the course any less hilly though! I nearly got through a complete set of brake pads!

James Craddock put his superb climbing skills into practice, finishing in a Platinum time of 4h05m - the 15th fastest time out of the 539 riders navigating the long course. Vivian Brockwell was again the fastest F60 rider with an even quicker time than last year!

Frosty/muddy mtb ride

It was too icy to risk going out on the road bikes on bank holiday Monday morning, so Richard Bryant and Martin Brown kindly navigated for a local off road mountain bike tour!

It was a sunny picturesque tour of the frosty countryside from places not normally found with plenty of mud thrown in :¬)

Special Event Rides

We are considering adding a monthly 'special' ride. These will vary in distance and speed according to demand. They will usually be longer than the standard ride with a coffee and cake stop and might include rides to the beach (possibly home on the train). The first of these will be on 31st December at 9am. Please email cyclerep@7Oakstriclub.co.uk if you are interested in coming on 31st December.

Turbo Trainiing Sessions

Winter Turbo Sessions - Thursday evenings starting 3rd November
Cornwall Hall, The Drive, Sevenoaks
Every week until spring with a 2 week break at Christmas
Arrive at 7:30pm to set your bike up. Session starts at 7:45pm.
Bring your own turbo, bike, mat/towel, Garmin or similar, dress to keep cool (turbo is hot work). 
These are run by club cycle coach, Paul Butler. 
If you need to borrow a club turbo contact Martin Brown. 
These are great winter training sessions when it's cold and dark outside!

Coed-Y-Brenin MTB enduro - a game of two halves...

The moment the front wheels crossed the border into Wales on Friday night, the precipitation tested the effectiveness of windscreen wipers. Fortunately we had ignored Sally's suggestion of camping and opted for the luxury B&B! The advance party (Baz, Al & Andy) had time to sample the Dolgellau curry house, washed down with a couple of pints. It rained all night and the following morning when we reluctantly set out to locate and navigate Charlie's eagerly anticipated natural 'Saturday route'!

Club Hill Climb Ide Hill 15/10 0830

The ever popular club hill climb will be held on 15/10 at 0830. Please park by the cafe in the S bend at the top to sign on, not near the start. Sign on will be 0745-0815. Then you will roll down the hill to the start. Please do not arrive at the bottom of Ide Hill at 0830 and expect to be able to sign on. Once you have finished, please make sure you take a safe position off the road. This is not an official event and you are responsible for your own safety.