Various new Bike frames and bikes for sale

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Hi All. This guys father used to build bikes for a team and hobby Unfortunately he has passed away and John is selling off his collection of frames and wheels
Please contact him to view in Hitchen Hatch Lane at weekends. All proceeds are to go to cancer charity.
They are all new!! So if interested get in touch.
Here is what he has :-
I visited my dad's house, and I photographed some more of his bikes - if you're able, would you be able to pass the details on to anyone you think might have an interest? Please excuse the somewhat erratic photography on some of these..! I have lots more photos and info on each bike, if needed.

Pic 1 - Planet X carbon frame, carbon forks and carbon seatpost - never ridden, size TBC (I measured it, and can't find where I've written down the measurement at the moment) though it's quite a large one - £250

Pic 2 - Giant road bike (as viewed by you) - never ridden, Shimano parts, carbon forks, front gear cable needs slight adjustment, size 45cm - £225

Pic 3 - Red SAB carbon and alloy (I think) frame and carbon forks, white SRAM brakes, Shimano Ultegra rear derailleur and Shimano Ultegra cranks, time trial handlebars - never ridden, size 50cm - £225

Pic 4 - Gianni Motta alluminium frame, carbon forks, Miche brakes, Shimano 600 derailleurs - never ridden, though some components may have been lightly used, size 51cm - £200

Pic 5 - Giant alluminium frame, carbon forks, Shimano 105 cranks, Shimano Ultegra derailleurs, Shimano Ultegra brakes, time trial handlebars - never ridden, though some components have been lightly used, size 44cm - £200

Pic 6 - Planet X carbon frame, Wing TT carbon forks, carbon seatpost, Zipp time trial handlebars, Shimano Dura Ace chainset, Shimano Ultegra rear derailleur, black brakes (I didn't note down the make of these, I can find out though) - never been ridden, though chainset has been used, size 50cm - £375

Pic 7 - White carbon frame - this has Colnago on it, but I can't guarantee it is Colnago - it's carbon though - Miche Primato chainset, carbon forks - never ridden, size 50cm- £225

Pic 8 - Blue Planet X carbon frame - still new in box, also comes with brand new carbon forks, and carbon seatpost (not pictured) - never ridden, still wrapped, size 50cm - £240

Pic 9 - White Planet X carbon bike - I only saw this on my way out so I don't have any more details - I'll get the details this week - £400

Pic 10 - Black Giant fixed gear road bike, alluminium frame, carbon forks, Shimao Tiagra brakes, Shimano 105 chainset, Alex DA22 rims, Schwalbe tyres - never ridden, size 45.5cm - £225

Pic 11 - Black fixed gear bike, Reynolds 531 alloy frame, carbon forks, Shimano Ultegra chainset, Shimano wheels and hubs - I don't think it's ever been ridden, size 52cm - £200

Sorry for bombarding you with all of this, but if you can think of anyone who might be interested in any of the above, it would be great if you could pass this email on to them. I also have about a dozen pairs of wheels, which I won't bore you with the details of now - suffice to say, if you know anyone who's looking for wheels, please point them in my direction!

Thanks again


Sorry can't put pictures here but if you get in touch Jd can send you them