Annual Awards Dinner was a right fling!

Walthamstow Hall was rocking to a decidedly Scottish beat last night as 70 club members and their partners came together to celebrate a truly remarkable year for the club.

More pictures (here)

Club Awards

Most improved:

Nominees (the 3 with the most votes)  

Steve Walker  

Glenda Goscomb

Sally Mortleman



Sally Mortleman


Wining club sprintOlympic and TT championships

Club Achievement

Claire Hitchings    

Glenn Karpeta  

Jane Wiley


Jane Wiley

7th in World Ironman champs and 6th in World Olympic champs

Funniest Moment

Andy Evans

Val Place

Alan Lewis


Andy Evans 

Bravely cycling with a Raleigh chopper amongst an brigade of carbon

Club Contribution in 2013

Mike Clyne

Katrina and Mike Turner    

David Lawson


Katrina & Mike Turner

Generously hosting Peter Bala for 15 months

Long Service to the Club 

Debbie Munton 

Mike Wake

Mark Evans



Debbie Munton

3 years as club secretary and supporting every club event/ leader

Club Championships

Middle Distance

Olympic Distance

Sprint Distance

Jane Wiley and Richard Westover

Sally Mortleman and Sam Begg

Sally Mortleman and Simon Truett


Club Hill Climb


Andy Ten-Broeke and Cath Linney

Most Improved

Nick Anderton and

David Lobley



TT Winners


Neil Harris and Sally Mortleman



Interclub TT Shield



7Oaks Tri (again)




Sam_Bennett's picture
What a great night - Thanks Val and your helpers for a great job!
Tony_LaMoury's picture
Fantastic night Val! Great piccies Dan!
Andy Evans's picture
Andy Evans
High jinx and jolly japes were had by all and there was no tossing of the caber.