Swim endurance sets at the correct pace

To make it easier to know how hard to swim endurance sets, for the immediate future we’ll be referring to target repeat times as “PB+NN sec”. So a swimmer with a PB of 1:10 should swim a set of 100m swims referred to as “PB+10” at around 1:20 pace whatever anyone else in the lane is doing. Trying to swim much faster (assuming you’ve got your PB more or less correct) will in the long run reduce endurance performance.

Please see the two pdf's below - There is a list of 800m time trial PBs since April 2012. For anyone who doesn’t have a current PB for this or for a 100/200/400/1500. There also is a table to help you estimate one to use for training purposes. It’s an approximation, and actual race times are best, but it’s a start.

Over the next 2 months we’ll be staging time trials at different distances so that as many people as possible have a working set of PBs to use in training.

800m PBs since April 2012 (here)

PB Conversion chart (here)