KFL Swanley park cross country results

It was unseasonably mild for the second round of the Kent Fitness League. The three laps of the undulating Swanley park were not too muddy despite the heavy rain the day before. The Sevenoaks ac team was 31 strong in a field of over 500 runners! This included nine 7oaks tri members:

65 62 Stephen Searby 52 34:36 Sevenoaks AC 81.90
116 108 James Baker 50 36:35 Sevenoaks AC 68.25
124 114 Sharn Mullen 39 36:53 Sevenoaks AC 66.47
126 116 Alan Macpherson 59 36:56 Sevenoaks AC 65.88
134 10 Cath Linney 46 37:15 Sevenoaks AC 94.51
145 131 Aran lewis 49 37:37 Sevenoaks AC 61.42
190 167 Andy Evans 45 38:58 Sevenoaks AC 50.74
215 27 Sally Mortleman 50 40:08 Sevenoaks AC 84.15
232 200 Duncan Cochrane 58 40:42 Sevenoaks AC 40.95

Steve Searby was the first M50 home for SAC helping the club to remain well in contention with the men 2nd in the standings, the women 3rd and the combined team 2nd. Again, Cath Linney was the first SAC woman home making a huge difference to the womens' and combined team result.

I am planning to take a seven seater down to Deal for the next round on 22nd November. Please let me know if you would like a lift.

Sevenoaks AC team at Swanley

Sally sporting her new birthday sunglasses and Cath wondering how grippy her shoes are!

Full results here: http://kfl.canterburyharriers.org/index.php