KFL Canterbury cross country results

SAC team at Blean Woods

Five 7oaks tri members made the journey to Rough Common near Canterbury to join 350 runners from the 18 Kent clubs on the muddy 6-mile course through Blean Woods. It was the last round of the series.
James Mason from SAC won the race and it was his 4th win in the 7 race series making him the 2015-16 Kent Fitness League Champion - the first Sevenoaks AC athlete to win the KFL for at least 15 years.

7oaks tri member, Cath Linney has been the star of the women’s team all season and ran well to clinch the W45 series title.

7oaks tri member results:

59 54 James Baker 51 38:31 Sevenoaks AC 75.23
62 57 Allan McPherson 29 38:52 Sevenoaks AC 73.83
71 7 Cath Linney 46 39:12 Sevenoaks AC 93.94
127 108 Andy Evans 45 42:16 Sevenoaks AC 50.00
156 130 Duncan Cochrane 58 43:54 Sevenoaks AC 39.72

It has been a great series and I hope that we will see more 7oaks tri members out next season.

Many apologies to Rebecca Smithers whom I inadvertently ommitted from the results earlier in the series.