Turbo Session 1 - Instructions

Below are the instructions from the first Turbo session held on 3rd November 2016:


7Oaks Tri Session 1 All Zones and Intervals     03/11/2016
Warm up         
Total mins Description       
10 10 mins easy build up (from bottom to top of zone)    
  3 x 1 mins high cadence (increase your cadence by at least 10 rpm but don't change gear)
15 1 min normal cadence between efforts      
20 5 mins easy zone 2      
23 3 mins zone 3      
27 4 mins zone 4      
32 5 mins zone 5      
36 1 min max effort      
37 1 min rest      
38 1 min max effort      
39 1 min rest      
40 1 min max effort      
38 1 min rest      
41 3 mins zone 3      
45 4 mins zone 4      
49 5 mins zone 5      
50 1 min rest      
  30 secs max effort      
  30 mins rest      
  30 secs max effort      
  30 mins rest      
  30 secs max effort      
  30 mins rest      
63 10 mins cool down      
Hold each stretch for 30 seconds minimum, 60 seconds if you have time.  Remember to breath.  Do every day after training/when you are warm.
You want to feel mild tension/slight discomfort when stretching but NO more than that.  About a 7 out of 10 in terms of effort
Position Muscle Notes    
Lying  Glutes Lie flat on back, pull one knee to chest, keep other leg straight
  Glutes medial rotation of hip Then pull knee across body  
  Glutes lateral rotation of hip Cross one leg over the other, clasp hands together behind back of bottom knee
Kneeling Hip Flexor Knee on one knee, slid hips forward to open out hip joint
Standing  Quadriceps Hold foot in shoelace area, pull heel towards backside
  Hamstrings Either touch toes or place on leg on chair and lean forward
  Calves (gastrocnemius) Rear leg straight, heel flat to floor, lean against wall
  Calves (soleus) As above with rear leg bent  
  Latissimus dorsi Reach for sky    
  Pectorals (chest) Place one hand on wall, walk forward with inside leg, turn torso away from wall
  Triceps Stretch one arm upwards then bend it as if trying to reach back of your neck