KFL cross country match 2 - Swanley park

by Georgie Butler:

After an enjoyable night at the awards evening, twelve 7Oaks Tri Club members managed to drag themselves up to Swanley Park for the second match of the KFL series. (Bonus points go to Cath who only got four hours sleep and still rocked up like a kickass swagmuffin to come in as Sevenoaks AC's first lady.) Despite the occasional headache and general feeling of being unwell, the sun rewarded us with a glorious bright autumn morning to complete the park's three laps in.

1st for 7Oaks Tri (and 32nd overall) was Ben Bridges with 32:37, closely followed by James Baker with 35:06, which also placed him 8th overall for the M50. And as already mentioned, Cath was the first lady for both 7Oaks Tri and Sevenoaks AC with a time of 38:38 which, after two races, places her 18th in the female league of nearly 250 runners! Well done, guys!