Triathlon England South East club competition 2017

I have registered 7oaks tri club again for next year's club competition:

The TESE senior series races for next year have been confirmed as:

East Grinstead Sprint Triathlon Sunday 14th May East Grinstead Triathlon Club
Mid Sussex Sprint Triathlon Sunday 11th June Mid Sussex Tri Club
Rehill Sprint Triathlon Sunday 23rd July  TriProject Events
Ocean Lake Sprint Triathlon Series Saturday 19th August Ocean Lake Triathlon Club
Southwater Relays Sunday 3rd September Horsham Amphibians Triathlon Club

The Senior Series comprises four team competitions and consists of 5 events from around the South East region, with the best club team score from 3 events counting, except the ‘mob’ competition where all five events count. More than ever it is about taking part and representing your local club over a few talented individuals dominating events.

There are four team competitions; female, male, mixed and Mob match.

Female: The first three female triathletes from each club to finish an event count for their club’s score.

Male: The first three male triathletes from each club to finish an event count for their club’s score.

Mixed Team: The first three female and first three males triathletes to finish an event count for their club’s score. Note that individuals can count for both the mixed team and the single gender team competitions at any event.

NOTE: The scoring for the Southwater Relay will be based on the time of the first relay team for the ‘male’ and ‘female’ competitions and the first male/first female relay teams combined time for the ‘mixed’ competition.

Mob Match: There will be a ‘Mob Match’ competition for the club with the highest aggregate participation in the Senior Series.

What is the scoring system for the Female, Male and Mixed team series?

For the Female, Male and Mixed competitions, the individual event winner picks up 1 point, the 2nd placed athlete 2 points, etc for the whole race.

Total points from the three highest placed triathletes gives total points score for the team. The total points for the mixed team is made up from the highest placed three females and the highest placed three males.

As a result, the winning teams will have the lowest scores.

Points towards each competition in the Senior Series will be awarded to clubs with the first place team, (scoring the lowest points for the event) 50 points, second place 40 points, and so on as follows:

First :                50                                             Sixth :              20

Second :          40                                              Seventh :         18

Third :              32                                             Eighth :            16

Forth :              26                                             Ninth :              14

Fifth :               22                                              Tenth :             12

Eleventh and below all score 10 points.

Looking forward to East Grinstead on 14th May already!

See you soon, Andy