Triathlon England South East club competition

You may be aware that we haven't participated as fully as last year in the TESE club competition due to members doing other events, clashes of dates and due to the popularity, the events selling out before people have had time to enter. The series is being reviewed and should include some different venues for next year...

From the series organiser:

"I hope most who wanted to get a a place at Ocean Lake were successful, but I'm aware a number were unlucky.

Medway and Tri Surrey continued their close tussle in each of the competitions with Tri Surrey coming first in the Female and Mixed competitions and second in the Male division, whereas Medway were first in the Male and second in the Female and Mixed divisions.

When the Ocean Lake results are added into the overall Senior Series aggregate scores, with the best three events counting, it is nail-bitingly close with Medway just ahead in the Female and Mixed competitions and Medway and Tri Surrey tied in the Male competition. So it sets everything up nicely for the season finale at Southwater Relays on Sunday 3 September."