Coed-Y-Brenin mtb enduro report

by Charlie Mortleman:

"A bit of a damp one!"

The arrival of October once again heralded the annual pilgrimage to North Wales for the Trek Coed y Brenin Enduro. Just 5 of us this year (myself, Andy E., Martin. B, my mate Baz, and Alan Lewis, Sally having pranged her leg the week before).
We forsook / forwent / forgoed – soddit, decided against driving up Friday night, instead leaving early Saturday, and as usual arrived as the heavens opened, with a planned 2 or 3 hour ride around the trail centre to look forward to – no SAS style hike-a-bike bog trotting this year…
Now, Baz’s memory has never been quite the same since he inadvisedly decided to spectate at a fire in a firework factory a few years ago; the resultant large explosion sent a container door heaven-wards, which unfortunately made significant contact with his delicate noggin. So it was not a great surprise when he realised he didn’t have his padlock key. Trouble was, it was being used to lock 3 of the bikes to Andy’s bike trailer.
A hacksaw was duly appropriated, and Andy “muscles” Evans made light work of sawing through the padlock, much to the surprise of the assembled spectators. Padlock appeared to be made of Camembert.

Andy “strength of 14 men” Evans.

So we duly set off under the deluge, and 3.5 metres later Martin lobbed off and pranged his ribs. Rest of the ride completed reasonably hassle free, despite Martin’s slipping gears. Completely knackered chainring was subsequently diagnosed, which lead to a fun evening of attempted replacement, before customary beer or 2 and a bit of a ropey pub meal.