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Club Turbo set - 21 November

Be ready to warm up by 19.45. Heart rate monitors and cycle computers with speed and cadence recommended.

Thursday's set is here.

Swim sessions 19 - 24 November

Now that we’re using personal best (PB) times as a basis for how hard to swim sets, it’s helpful to have actual recorded times to work from. Where you don’t have a PB for a particular distance (e.g. a 200) it’s possible to get a rough idea from one you’ve recorded at another distance (e.g. an 800) using this table.

Swim endurance sets at the correct pace

To make it easier to know how hard to swim endurance sets, for the immediate future we’ll be referring to target repeat times as “PB+NN sec”. So a swimmer with a PB of 1:10 should swim a set of 100m swims referred to as “PB+10” at around 1:20 pace whatever anyone else in the lane is doing. Trying to swim much faster (assuming you’ve got your PB more or less correct) will in the long run reduce endurance performance.

Kent Fitness League, 10 November - Swanley Park

Andy Evans reports - On a bright sunny Remembrance Sunday morning, there were 538 finishers at the second round of the Kent Fitness League's inter-club competition.
A minute's silence was observed before the start of the course which covered three laps of a very soggy/muddy Swanley Park.
At least seven 7Oaks Tri Club members (and a few other local triathletes) helped to keep Sevenoaks AC at the top of the league table!
Full results are here

800m times - 3 November 2013

Please see the times for an idea of current fitness levels in the pool -

Turbos training starts

7 November. Venue - Cornwall Hall, The Drive, Sevenoaks, TN13 3AB. Please be ready to start the warm up by 19.45.

To book one of the club turbos please contact Neil Colvin.