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Majorca 312 - 2016 Edition

We arrived in Majorca to cold and rain. This was not in the manual. Together with smooth tarmac, I had been banking on the warm sun to miraculously boost my riding average. Happily day two conditions were much improved allowing me to develop a comedy bikers tan whilst enjoying a leisurely ride, coffee, lunch and even a little shop with Nick around Alcudia and Pollenca. Lucky for Nick he had to collect his brother from the airport so husband had to deal with mucho faffing for the rest of the evening.

Tonbridge triathlon results

Fortunately the temperature had risen before bank holiday Monday morning. Transition had mopved up to a new block paved car park nearer the entrance. There were quite a few spectators creating a good atmosphere as the run passed round the running track each lap. Although relatively dry down at the leisure centre, the roads were wet through the lanes at the top of the hill, making the descent of Carter's hill treacherous!

Sam Begg and Cath Linney comfortably won the 'double distance' events by ~8 minutes and ~16 minutes respectively!

Swim Sets Week 19

This week's swim sets are here.

Part of the Wednesday session is on swimming in rough conditions. This is an instructive video. Ignore the commentary, but look at the adaptions the swimmers are making to sighting, breathing and arm recovery.

Inter Club TT Polhill 28th April 2016

Another very strong showing from 7Oaks Tri

Sam was 2nd overall

Susan was 1st Lady

We had 3 in the top 5

Update: After this event 7OaksTri has 71, Sydenham Wheelers have 44 and GS Avanti have 32 points.

In the Club Mens Competition Neil Mc is in the lead with 17, Martin has 12. In the womens, Val has 19, Susan 10.

Next event is 7/5/2016 at 7:15am on the very fast A21 Tonbridge course

Thanks from ellenor - chosen 7Oaks Triathlon Charity

After the club Triathlon on 17 April we received this letter from our nominated charity - ellenor who provide support to families facing terminal illness. We gave them ten places at the triathlon -  

Dear Ella,

Hope you are well and have recovered following last weekend.

Swim Sets Week 18 and video of good swimmers

Great swimming at the pool last night. Nearly every lane hit the tough split times we asked for.

A couple of people asked for links to video of good swimmers.

There are many, many examples. Here’s the one British Triathlon use as an example. Jono van Hazel. I think Tom would probably say he’s ok too.

NEW Tuesday night running 3 and 10 May

As part of gaining a Level 2 BTF Coaching Qualification, I am planning to set up two running sessions on Tuesday evenings before swimming. I'm working with Andy Evans (club running rep) on these and, if there is sufficient interest, we could keep the sessions going throughout the summer.

Swim Sets Week 17

This weeks Swim Sets are here:

Download the week 17 Swim Sets

Dave will be leading the Wednesday session again as part of his BTF Coaching Training. This will be the 2nd of 5 sessions on the theme of "Transition to Open Water" and will include some drafting drills and a longish swim.

T30 Session 13/4/2016

Some really great work in the pool last night. Chapeau to everyone there who put in such a solid effort on the 30 minute continuous swim.

Here are the average distances and 50m splits for each lane. I took 50m splits for someone of middle speed in each lane in turn. It worked out that Split 1 was between 0-8mins, Split 2 8-16mins, Split 3 16-24mins and Split 4 24mins to the end. I didn't quite get time to do the 4th split for lanes 5 and 6.

Lane    Distance (m)  time/100m    Split 1 Split 2 Split 3 Split 4

Sydenham open 25m cycling TT Harrietsham Q25/20 results

Scraping ice off the windscreen before a time trial is becoming a habit this year! Having committed myself to wearing a skin suit, I was fixated on the car's temperature gauge all the way to Lenham commmunity centre for registration. It was a beautiful sunny morning, the temperature was rising quickly and my warm-up consisted of standing in the sun for half an hour.

Swim Sets Week 16

This weeks Swim Sets are here:

Download the week 16 Swim Sets

For the next 5 Wednesdays Dave will be leading the sessions as part of his BTF Coaching Training.

The 5 sessions are on the theme of "Transition to Open Water" and will include some longer sets, sighting, deep water start and drafting drills.

British Duathlon Championship Windsor

BTF Introduces 4th Discipline to Duathlon Championship

The BTF introduced mud wrestling to the British Duathlon Championship last week. Overnight rain meant the poor organizers had to cope with a quagmire in transition and the car park. It caused traffic chaos as many cars had to be towed into and out of the car park by tractor.

The Standard Distance now consisted of: Run 10km, Wallow, Bike 40km,Wait for the queen, Wallow, Run 5km, Best Mud Angel.

Inter Club Time Trial 2 April Sundridge

A very strong start to the Inter Club Time Trial Season for 7OaksTri.

Chris won the overall. We had 4 in the top 5 and Val was second lady.

Overall standings: Sydenham 22, 7OaksTri 37, GS Avanti 11

Paddock Wood half marathon results

We were treated to a beautiful sunny Sunday morning run through the country lanes around paddock wood and a few without sun cream got a sun tan! Congratulations to 'double L' Allan for setting an excellent new pb, Matt Wall for taking some 17 minutes off his TW time from just over a month ago and to Jane Wiley for coming 2nd in her category!

Heart Screening for 14-35 year olds in Sevenoaks

Sevenoaks Sports Clubs join forces to fight cardiac risk in the young, to provide heart screenings for 14 to 35 year olds across Sevenoaks in conjunction with Cardiac Risk in the Young.

You may have heard about the tragic death of Tonbridge Angels player Jack Maddams whose life was sadly cut short due to a heart condition he was unaware of - I am sure you have some similar very sad story in your sport as well. There are at least twelve unnecessary deaths of young people in the UK each and every week due to undetected heart conditions, just £35 could save a life.

Start of the Inter Club TT Season. April Fools 10

Saturday April 2nd will see the start of the Inter Club Time Trial series with a special April Fools 10 organized by Sydenham Wheelers. The start time is 0900. It is over the Sundridge Course. You can see the route description in the club diary. The start is on Chevening Road (B221) north of junction with A25, approximately half way between A25 junction and M25 bridge.

7OaksTri has done very well in this series in previous years. It would be good to continue that record. Everyone scores points so the more people who race the better. And it's free!

Personalising the Annual Swimming Plan

In January Tom published the Annual Swimming Plan for the club. We all have different race schedules, different constraints and different levels of interest in structuring our training. It would not be practical to create 150+ individual training plans to meet everyone's individual needs. The In Season Maintenance phase is intended to keep a good level and to provide a baseline for members to adapt for their own race schedule.

KCA 3UP Team Time Trial results

I must admit that when I was scraping the ice off the car in the dark at 05:30 on Sunday morning I was wondering 'why on earth am I doing this?' It was actually a bright morning once the sun had come up and wearing plenty of long cycling kit (not skin suit!) it was only the nose and ears that felt it.

Jon Hollidge arrived with a stinking cold and Charlie looked less than enthusiastic but once we were out on the road, we were working together well as a team which was enjoyable, especially when the sun was shining on the return leg.

Club Championships

After much deliberation, the 7oaks tri club committee has selected the following triathlon races as the club championship races: