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Shirkers Rides - 18 April/25 April

18 April. Meet at the slightly earlier time of 9.00 at Seal Rec. Kim will be leading.

25 April. Meet at Seal Rec at 9.30/Bucks Head Pub-Godden Green at 9.35 and Chaser Inn-Shipbourne at 9.55. Venue Knoxbridge Cafe for a late breakfast. Round trip of about 50 miles with 30 min stop. Be prepared to be back in the Sevenoaks area at 1.00 - 1.30. This is a fairly flat ride. Estimated average speed - approx 16mph. 

Cyclopark back to back duathlon 6th April

Ben Cockburn and Nathan Marsh who are competing in the Elite Britis Trathlon Championships (men and youth categories)  did a bit of training at the back to back duathlon (Run (2.5k)  /  Bike (10k)  /  Run (2.5k)  /  Bike (10k)  /  Run (2.5k))  at cyclopark by bridgetriathlon,  and came first and and second respectively. Ben came in with a time of  1.04.42  and Nathan     1.06.06
Results here

Club turbo set for 10 April

Is here

Only two sessions left after this one and then it's Time Trials on a Thursday.

MTB / flying lessons with Big Chris – 30/3/2014

It started with Seb, an epically moustachioed Frenchman and erstwhile chef at the Plough in Ivy Hatch, and a Facebook / MTB group, the “Trace de Frein Collective” (trans – skid mark, of the brake dragging variety, although judging by the look on a few faces, the other, cruder translation could just as well apply) who have been busy creating some sneaky technical trails around the woods around Ightham and Oldbury Woods. Group member big Chris from the bike shop in Sevenoaks had offered to guide tri clubbers around........

Swim Plan for 2014

This is the plan I (Tom) devised at the start of the year, taking into account the club championship races chosen and the different distances that members may be focusing on. At the end of each cycle there will be a review process to determine the relative success or failure of the cycle, with changes being made for next season dependent upon this. 

Spint Distance 

Olympic Distance

Swim sets for 18, 21 and 23 March

Are here

Please note that there is no swimming on Wednesday at Wally Hall on 19 March but a set is included for you to use if you plan to swim in your own time at another location.

Tom is on holiday from 16 - 23 March inclusive and Danni will be poolside on both Sunday 16 and 23 March. On Tuesday we have hired a lifeguard and on Friday Huw's son will be poolside.   

KCA 3-Up Provisional Results

Are here

Sam Bennett, Dan Goscomb and "young" Richard Bryant were 13th in 1:00:21, "big" Jon Hollidge, Tri Tony and Mike Turner were 26th in 1:07:36 and our other starting team of Martin Brown, Stefan Stone and Neil McInerney unfortunately DNF due to Stefan (very early on) and Neil puncturing.