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Sevenoaks AC poised to win League

Best of luck to Sevenoaks AC as they take on rivals Dartford in the final round of the Kent Fitness League this weekend. 

Sevenoaks are currently neck and neck with Dartford to win the championship so it all hinges on the final event at Nurstead. Many of the runners who have contributed to Sevenoaks success are also 7Oaks Tri Club members.  

ASA South East Region Long Course Masters Championships

1/2 February 2014 at K2, Crawley

January disappears into the rear view mirror and Masters swimmers emerge blinking into the light from their winter hibernation, and in the South East over the weekend of 1-2 February it’s the first long course (50m pool) meet of the year at the SE Regional Championships at K2 in Crawley.

Mark and Mike take a trip to the seaside

I was worried that I wouldn’t have anything to keep me occupied on the weekend of 18th/19th January so had decided some while ago to enter back to back marathons ie one on Saturday and the same again on Sunday.  Mark had done the same and thus with two others in the car we set off for the Viking Coastal Marathon (Day One) at Minnis Bay.


Turbo set for 30 January

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Please remember to book a club turbo trainer in advance as we had none left last Thursday and you don't want a wasted journey.   

Box Hill Fell Race 2014

The Box Hill Fell race is the only official fell race in the south of England and having personally done several in the Lake District equally as tough, although if you decide to retire being in Surry it’s only a short walk to the nearest Cappuccino bar instead of being choppered away by mountain rescue.

Turbo set for 23 January

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Has anyone got a club turbo trainer stuck away in the garage somewhere? I think we are one short so it would be appreciated if you could check and return if you have. Thanks

Swim sets for 14, 15, 17 and 19 January

Can be found here. Please note that we start at 6pm on Sunday.

We've had reports that the chlorine level was very strong on Friday evening. This has been reported to the School who haven't got an explanation for it although confirm it's been fine since. Any similar complaints will be passed on to the School. 

Membership List for 2014

Wet -Sam Bennett,Janice Bailey,Mike Clyne, Mike Wake, David Lawson, Glenda Goscomb, Claire Hitchings, Stephen Searby, Vanessa Gilmartin, Julian Critchlow, Chris Kangis, john Bacon, Peter Williams, David Shrobanek, Andrew Shaeffer, Kim Moss, Alex Moss, Daniel Moss, Elizabeth Windsor, Daniel Goscomb, Tim Cilligwood, Chris Rigg, Peter Manning, Lucy Manning, Rebecca Smithers, Nicholas Anderton, Charles Anderton, Steve Walker, Ella Pyman, Nigel Robson, Debbie Munton,Yon Marsh, Katrina Turner, Mike Turner,Sarah Jones, Nigel Masdig, Al Ahmed, Stefan Stone, Andy Evans, Clive Bradbu

Huw rides 20,013 Km in 2013

My 20,013 – a year to remember, a year not to repeat…ever again
By Huw Howell

For reasons that I can’t really explain I somehow pedalled 20,013 km in 2013, thankfully not a single km was anywhere close to being on a turbo, which isn’t actually proper cycling.

Swim sessions - 7, 8, 10 and 12 Jan

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Please note that when a Sunday session is going to start at 18.00 it will be stated in the Club Diary. If nothing is mentioned it will be a normal 17.30 start. It will be helpful if swimmers can be poolside and ready to start sessions at the allotted time. Last Sunday a large number appeared to arrive late. Thanks.