Sundridge G10/38 - 16 July 2015

Current Inter-Club points: Sydenham 285, 7Oaks Tri 258 and GSA 252
(I think! - Matt Bee)

Next inter club 10 is this Thursday, 23 July on the A20 (Brands Hatch/West Kingsdown) course. Starts at 19.30.

The following Thursday, 30 July it's at Polhill and we're organising. Starts at 19.15. Annual midsummer drinks at the Rose and Crown, Dunton Green after. All members are welcome to this club social event, whether you TT or not.

Q10/25 Results - 9 July

Not a good turn out from 7Oaks Tri for this one although the ones who did turn up all finished in the top half of the field with Neil Harris being the fastest on the night and the improving Neil McInerney just under a minute behind and in third place. Andy Evans did a PB for this course and knocked over 30 seconds off his previous best time. Poor Janice who was our only lady rider took a tumble near the end but reported in as being "fine" the morning after.

Q10/29 East Peckham Results- 28 May

A great turn out with thirty nine riders taking part and well done to the seventeen 7Oaks riders for securing top points on the night. Good to see some new faces, those doing their first inter club event for 7Oaks - Sam Begg, Milt Ives and John Davie. Yon Marsh and Matt Bee look like they're becoming regulars and good to see some old regulars again - Dave Truman and James Bulley. Val just pipped Susan for first lady and as ever Janice could be relied on to be on the starting line.

4 up TTT Results - Q15/20 Leeds/Charing/Leeds

It all hinged on this event to find out who this years Inter Club winners were as before we kicked off 7oaks only had a 10 point lead over Sydenham. With 7oaks and Sydenham both fielding 4 teams it was anyones guess as to who the eventual winners would be. As it turned out Sydenham had the fastest team on the day but couldn't score enough points to retake the lead and 7oaks retained the trophy for the fifth successive year by just 2 points.

TT results from Grain - 23 August

Into a headwind going out but fast coming back unless you were held up by a tractor for a couple of miles like Sydenham's Jon Coulson. Thanks to Greg Morris, Jo Stephens Smith, Sam Bennett and Alex Colvin for assisting.

Scores on the day - 7oaks Tri 23, Sydenham 19 and GS Avanti 19.

Overall points with three events to go - 7oaks Tri 452, Sydenham 450 and GS Avanti 260. 

Q10/18 TT (Polhill) results 14 August

Only thirteen riders. The heavy rain during early afternoon (which cleared up in time for the TT) probably put a few off and some I'm sure were on holiday. Only five 7oaks riders although this can also be partly explained by 7oaks providing 12 marshals/timekeepers to ensure the event was run as safely as possible for all the riders.

Scores on the night - Sydenham 38, GS Avanti 13 and 7oaks Tri 7 

Scores with just 4 more events to go - Sydenham - 431, 7oaks Tri 429 and GS Avanti 241.

Q10/24 (Grain) 2-up results on 28th June 2014

Tony Lamoury and Jon Hollidge were the only representatives from the club and duly secured 16 points for us in the inter club championship by coming 3rd. Sydenham narrowed the gap with their 2 teams coming first and second to score 38 points.

Thanks to Tony and Jon for turning out otherwise it would have been nil points.

Hopefully for the next 2up we'll have a better showing. Next 2up is on Thursday evening 7 August on A20 nr Brands Hatch.

Current points position - 7oaks 262, Sydenham 227 and GSA 165.

Inter Club TT Results at East Peckham on 12 June

Another top turn out from 7oaks with 16 out of 31 riders.

A special mention to Janice Bailey for going under 30 mins for the first time for 10 miles. An excellent ride from Martin Brown in his build up to the 24 hour TT while Anthony Sizer continues to produce fast times on his road bike while his TT bike is temporarily out of action.

Next Thursday it's a completely different type of course - hilly and 21 miles. 

7oaks Tri - 195, Sydenham Wheelers - 160 and GS Avanti - 91