Inter Club TT Results at East Peckham on 29 May

Twenty one riders turned up on a decent evening to do a couple of laps on the A228. 

Thanks to Katrina and Mike Turner, Chris Hansen, Peter Conway and Tony LaMoury for their assistance. 

Current Inter Club points after 5 events - 7Oaks Tri 158, Sydenham Wheelers 108 and GS Avanti 42.

At a quick glance, the current leaders in the Club Championship are Dan Goscomb - 36, Chris Hansen - 27.

Sally Mortleman - 40, Janice Bailey - 33. Your best 6 results count at the end of the season.

Inter Club TT at Grain (Q10/24) on Saturday 24 May

Well done to Janice, Steve and the other five riders for turning out on Saturday afternoon in terrible conditions for racing on the bike. As "ever present in 2014" Janice says "We started to a darkening sky and for me the finish was in a hail storm and several inches of water with streaks of lightning, I was unable to hear the thunder and don't think I'll get a PB on that one". She didn't get a PB unfortunately but it's bound to happen later in the year!

Next inter club 10 is this Thursday on A228 at East Peckham. 7.15 start.