We are reintroducing club rides from Friday 12th June with groups of 3 cycling together....please read the info in the Covid Riding tab above

We are lucky to have great riding country around the Sevenoaks area. The club organises group rides on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, so that members can train and ride together.

If you are interested in joining a group ride for the first time please contact the respective ride leader or myself to check details and suitability. Rides are posted on the 7Oaks Tri Club Members facebook page.  We use ride WhatsApp groups for last minute and on the ride communications. In addition to this we also have coached Turbo sessions in the winter and we take part in local TT events in partnership with local cycling clubs.

For any further information email me at

Claire Edwards - Cycle Rep

Covid Riding

We are reintroducing club rides from Friday 12th June with groups of 3 cycling together.  
These are temporary arrangements.  Please read the following below: 
  1. Factors considered in arriving at our position 
  2. 7 Oaks Tri Club procedures for group rides 
  3. Specific BTF guidance and advice  
1. Factors considered in arriving at our position 
  • The new BTF guidance allows group rides of 6.  The BTF advisory points exist which ensure individuals must consider and own the additional risks.  Carrying out group rides as mandated would ensure the club’s BTF insurance remains in place as well as that for any members with individual BTF insurance cover. 
  • Currently British Cycling believes that the need to maintain a two-metre distance while riding as a group of six may present practical difficulties and potential risks. For this reason, they are strongly encouraging riders to continue to cycle in smaller groups at present, and only ride in a group of six if they are absolutely sure that it is safe to do so (for example, in a park). Those members with insurance through British Cycling riding in groups which comply with Government guidelines will be covered. 
  • We must consider public perception (which probably would be influenced by a lack of education re permissions) of us as a club; that emotions are running high and that in the long run we do not want to aggravate relations between motorists and cyclists (stringing out as a group of 6 on the road is far from ideal) or damage our reputation/brand within the community 
  • We must consider the rights/needs of our club members to participate in permitted club activity and manage expectations 
  • This is an ever-changing scenario and we should recognise our procedures will likely change again in a couple of weeks so this more measured response only in place for short period 
  • Please understand and comply!  We don’t want to create further workload for the Committee dealing with complaints however ill conceived. 

2. 7Oaks Tri Club procedures for group rides

  • Meet points: 
    • Fridays Shirkers ride – 8:30am Seal Rec
    • Saturday ride – 8:00am Vine cricket ground by the bandstand
    • Sunday ride - 8:00am Vine cricket ground by the bandstand 
  • At the meet points all members will maintain a distance of 2m and ensure that no more than 6 are clustered.  As soon as a 7th person turns up please form a discrete group 
  • A ride sponsor will arrange members into groups of no more than 3 
  • Routing – can be decided collectively or by each group.  As long as there is clear distance (so that there is no chance of meeting at a junction, motorists would identify each group as a 3 
  • etc) between each group of 3 the route can be the same. Each group must post a rough routing on the ride whatsapp group before heading off 
  • Each group must set off separately and with the required gap between groups.   
  • Rides to be local ie usual routings and max 3.5hours 
  • Remember the over-arching 2m social distancing requirement 

3. Specific BTF guidance and advice – published 4th June 2020 
From 1 June in England, the government will allow up to six people from different households to meet up and exercise outside with social distancing in place. This means that six club members may train together even if they are all from different households and club coaches may deliver formal club activity in ratios of 1:5. 
For English-based clubs, work with your coaches to organise minor small-scale club activities for groups of no more than six (including the coach). This can be cycling, running or open water swimming. It may be coach-led and operate as a formal coached session or member-led and more recreational in nature. 
The following are some general principles which all clubs, club coaches and members should consider before taking part in any group cycling activity: 

  • Members should consider the ‘aerosol effect’ in training
  • Aerobic activity such as cycling will cause a person to expel air and therefore droplets to a distance of up to 20 metres behind them.
  • If you cannot maintain this, you should think about how safe it is to cycle with another person.
  • Further advice is to keep cycle rides local, to a known route and let others know your route in case of emergencies. This will reduce the likelihood of needing the use of valuable emergency services. 

The following are some general principles which all clubs, club coaches and members should consider before taking part in any group activity: 

  • Being constantly aware of social distancing of 2 metres for those that exercise together from separate households.
  • Follow the government hygiene regulations including regular hand washing for at least 20 seconds.
  • Ensure you clean any equipment using antibacterial wash / wipes and avoid sharing training equipment.
  • Self-isolate should you or any members of your household show any signs or symptoms of Coronavirus.
  • Consider the risks of increasing your physical training load too fast where it might have an impact on your immune system that puts your health at risk.
  • Participating in activities that are beyond your capabilities and put yourself and others at risk that might result in the need to use vital resources such as the NHS is not recommended. 

Cycle Etiquette

Group Riding Expectations

  • Ride in a manner that positively promotes cycling and 7Oaks Tri Club
  • Know and obey the Highway Code
  • The group should ride as a unit and not be stretched out along the road.  Where appropriate we ride in pairs unless it is unsafe to do so. Single track lanes; blind bends; on busy roads where motorists are likely to become overheated etc = single file. The ride leader and the ride member riding at the back of the group is responsible for calling out “single” when they believe it is appropriate.  All other riders must comply
  • When it’s necessary to go from pairs to single file, the inside rider of a pair rides forward and the outside rider drops back into the space behind
  • You should be no more than a bike length behind the rider in front of you and preferably a wheel width or less
  • Ride at an appropriate distance from the curb and generally not in the middle of the road
  • Warn each other of hazards – potholes, debris, car up/back, slowing, stopping etc. Pass commands up and down the line.  Use accepted hand signals but consider shouting vocal warnings as well. Please see standard signals at
  • Signal maneuvers as you would do as a motorist
  • If someone punctures/suffers a mechanical, the whole group stop to assist. If for some reason this does not make sense e.g. extreme cold, can’t be fixed etc – the ride leader makes a call and may send the group on
  • NEVER:
    • Ride off the front of the group except on a declared ‘max effort’ segment – if you prefer to ride alone, go alone
    • Half wheel
    • Deliberately aggravate or react to motorists
    • Wave cars through
    • Jump red lights

The Role of the Ride Member

  • Take responsibility for yourself 
  • Be signed up to the relevant ride Whatsapp group
  • Arrive at the meet point on time
  • Have the proposed route downloaded onto their GPS device where possible
  • Have appropriate equipment which must include:
    • A well-maintained bike. If you must ride your TT bike or have TT bars attached, you cannot use these whilst on a group ride
    • A helmet
    • Rear light recommended all year round – often weather/visibility can deteriorate.  Both a rear and a front light are MANDATORY for winter riding
    • Puncture repair kit and at least 1 spare tube to be self-sufficient
    • Mobile phone
    • Cash
    • ICE information. Ideally your ICE information will be on a Road ID bracelet or a card so your mates can locate it quickly
    • Mudguards on both front and bike wheels are recommended for winter riding
    • Sufficient food and drink for the ride duration
    • Club kit whenever possible please. It helps us bond as a team and gives us a sense of identity. If we get the group riding right it gives us a strong local presence too!
  • Adhere to the group riding expectations
  • Respect and comply with the ride leader directions/instructions
  • When the last rider – take responsibility for calling out “single” – see below
  • EVERYONE is responsible for:
    • Passing communications up and down the ride
    • Keeping the ride together.  Therefore, throughout the ride ensure you look over your shoulder to check the riders behind

The Role of the Ride Leader

  • The ride leader is a volunteer and takes no responsibility for individuals whose safety remains with each rider
  • The leader will plan an appropriate route taking into consideration the time of the year, the expected weather conditions and the specific ride they are leading.  The route will include one or two possible “stretches” to allow riders to ride at pace on an individual basis with a subsequent agreed meet up point
  • The route will be posted on the Club Members Facebook Group page in advance of the ride
  • The leader will be at the meet up point 5minutes before the agreed meet up time
  • Prior to the start of the ride the leader will run through a short briefing which will cover:
    • An overview of the route
    • Highlight any known hazards eg crossing a major road, poor road surface
    • Expected pace
    • Identify the “stretches”
    • Planned coffee stop
    • Check everyone is on the appropriate ride whatsapp group
    • A reminder of key/theme of the month group riding etiquette points
  • The leader will look to keep the group to a maximum of 8 and may well suggest the group divides at the start but discretion is allowed
  • During the ride the leader will:
    • Lead the ride
    • Ensure the ride stays together
    • Issue directions to riders which must be followed

Virtual Rides

Virtual Rides with Zwift and Discord

During very bad weather (or lockdown!) the club sometimes organises Zwift rides with the use of Discord to communicate. They work really well and are great fun. Keep everyone together is selected so it doesn’t matter how much power you are putting out you can still keep up. Anyone can join provided you follow Claire Edwards on Zwift so that she can invite you and anyone is welcome.

New to Zwift or Discord?

Don't worry. Take a look at the 'Zwift how to guide' and the 'Discord how to guide' listed below for instructions on how to join and use.