Running Track

We run in Knole Park during the Summer when daylight saving hours have gone. Meet outside the Sevenoaks Leisure Centre for a warm up jog to the park at 18:45. We follow a pattern each week from short intervals, long intervals, hills, and a 5k sprint.

What about Covid?

We are currrently allowed club group runs subject to the restrictions listed below. Runs will be advertised as an event on the Club Facebook page. Members should go to the designated meeting point for their group. If you don’t know your group, Dave, Grace or Rob will be by the entrance to the leisure centre to direct you.



From 1 June in England, the government allows up to six people from different households to meet up and exercise outside with social distancing in place. This means that six club members may train together even if they are all from different households and club coaches may deliver formal club activity in ratios of 1:5.

The following are some general principles which all clubs, club coaches and members should consider before taking part in any group activity (those relevant to our club running activity that have not already been factored in to the session planning or require emphasis):

  • Being constantly aware of social distancing of 2 metres for those that exercise together from separate households
  • Members should aim to run alongside one another wherever possible. This carries slightly less aerosol risk but wind direction is an important factor to consider – are the expelled droplets and moisture likely to be blown across onto another person? (7Oaks run training sessions will be planned so that adequate distance is maintained between members if they are not running alongside one another)
  • Follow the government hygiene regulations including regular hand washing for at least 20 seconds.
  • Ensure you clean any equipment using antibacterial wash / wipes and avoid sharing training equipment.
  • Self-isolate should you or any members of your household show any signs or symptoms of Coronavirus.
  • Consider the risks of increasing your physical training load too fast where it might have an impact on your immune system that puts your health at risk.
  • Participating in activities that are beyond your capabilities and put yourself and others at risk that might result in the need to use vital resources such as the NHS is not recommended.

Where do we meet?

Knole Meet Point

We meet near the entrance to the Sevenoaks Leisure Centre before jogging off in to Knole Park. The post code for the Leisure Centre is TN13 1LW

The above infomation is where we normally meet. During these Covid restrictions you will be given your groups specific meeting point by the coach after you have indicated that you are attending the event 


Running Track

We run on the Sevenoaks School running track during the winter when daylight saving hours are in place. Meet at the running track for a warm up at 18:45. We follow a pattern each week from short intervals, long intervals, hills, and a 5k sprint.

Where is the track?

Running Track

The track is located at the Sennocke Centre, at Sevenoaks School. We meet on the track marked on the map with a star and the nearest postcode is TN15 0RP.

Kent Fitness League

Running Track

If you need some winter motivation and strength and stamina building then you can join other 7Oaks Tri members by running run for Sevenoaks Athletics Club in the Kent Fitness League. Fixtures can be found here

How do I join Sevenoaks AC?

Sevenoaks AC

You need to be a member of a running club that is allowed to take part in the Kent Fitness League. Sevenoaks AC have allowed 7oaks tri members to become 'Winter membership' runners at a reduced cost so they take part in the KFL series

Check their website for details of how to join